Clear contours, sensual light

Object glass with great light appeal

Classical modern German design

Glass that lends sensuality to light

Makes even unlit rooms shine

Aloys Ferdinand Gangkofner
(1920 – 2003)

Aloys Ferdinand Gangkofner is one of the most important German glass designers of the post-war era. He was born in 1920 in Reichenberg in the Bavarian Forest.

Lights for the well-known glass manufacturer Peill + Putzler in Dueren, Hesse Glassworks, and ERCO belong to his most well-known commercial designs.

Following his exhibition at the X. Triennial in Milan in 1954, Gangkofners glass designs won numerous awards.

In 1952, Aloys F. Gangkofner,
together with glass blowers at
the Lamberts Glassworks in
Waldsassen, began to rediscover
old techniques for free-blown glass.

„Just as a person generally thinks in
the language he is raised in, it is
equally necessary for the glass
former, in his mind, to have a natural
understanding of the material glass.“

In comparison with industrial designers
such as Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg and
Wilhelm Wagenfeld, the approach taken
by Aloys F. Gangkofner was artisanal.

He sculpted free-blown glass, designed
commercial work for the industry, and
produced individual projects.

In close cooperation with the family,
mawa chose six of his most famous
industrial designs for their re-edition.

Modular System

Basic pendant in black and white

Grommet, cone and socket
in black, white, brushed
brass, polished rose gold

Textile cable (2,5 m) with
integrated steel wire in
black, gray, blue, white

Clear crystal glass,
metallic crystal glass,
smoked glass,
triplex matt opal glass

Play of form, colour and light

mawa‘s transparent,
shatterproof Makrolon®-
mechanism secures the
glass body to the pendant,
letting it nearly appear to float.

Almost invisible

Over dinner tables, in stairwells
and next to sofa groups: Grouped together,
Gangkofners luminaires increase their
representative impact and cozy
atmosphere at the same time.

With multiple canopies, a
minimum of three
lights are combined
into small ensembles.

Suitable for commercial use and powder-
coated in white and black, additional RAL
colors available on request.

Multiple Canopy


With a Casambi-Module (optional
special equipment), lights are turned
on and off or dimmed via smartphones
and cable-free data transmission.

Casambi is one of the leading suppliers
of Bluetooth based lighting controls.
Simply download the free app to a
smartwatch, tablet, or smartphone,
or use a wall-mounted radio remote control.

Integrate classic design in your smart
home and benefit from the timer function,
individual lighting moods, and lighting groups.


Gangkofner glass shades are made by hand using an
elaborate triplex-procedure consisting of three
glass layers. Subtle variations in dimensions, glass
thickness, isolated air bubbles and minimal color
deviations distinguish this handcrafted quality.

Standard cable length 2.5 meters. mawa is able to
adjust lengths individually. When placing your
order, indicate whether you would prefer a pre cut
(<2.500 mm) or a special length (>2.500 mm).

Each luminaire is unique

The gangkofner edition in detail

Technical details

Dimensions in mm

bergamo (gk-be)
Weight: ≈ 1.987 g
Socket: E27, max. 60W

bologna (gk-bo)
Weight: ≈ 6.834 g
Socket: E27, max. 60W

granada (gk-gr)
Weight: ≈ 2.550 g
Socket: E27, max. 60W

venezia (gk-ven)
Weight: ≈ 4.241 g
Socket: E27, max. 60W

pisa (gk-pi)
Weight: ≈ 2.056 g
Socket: E27, max. 60W

vesuvio (gk-ves)
Weight: ≈ 1.697 g
Socket: E27, max. 60W

Canopy and suspension in
brushed brass and glossy rosé gold

Savvy canopy

This canopy (∅ 90 mm) is well-designed;
everything coming out of the ceiling is
cleverly hidden away.
Thanks to variable heights, electrical
cables, controllers, and smaller hooks are
elegantly concealed.

Almost invisible

mawa’s transparent, shatterproof Makrolon®-
mechanism secures the glass body to the pendant,
letting it nearly appear to float.

Custom suspension lengths

Tell us your desired length (distance from top
of canopy to bottom of light). A standard cable
is 2.50 m long. On request the cable can be
shortened (< 2.50 m) or a cable can be made in a
custom length (> 2.50 m).

Colored textile cable

mawa’s combined textile cable with
internal steel core is available in black,
grey, blue and white.

Multiple canopy

Lighting groups increase the impact of form and
light. mawa fabricates custom multiple canopies in
linear or circular arrangements. Let us know your
desired dimensions

Multiple canopy bent
RAL 9016 white
L 1430 mm, W 80 mm

Multiple canopy round
RAL 9016 white
D 446 mm, H 60 mm

Multiple canopy long
RAL 9016 white
L 1000 mm, W 125 mm, H 54 mm

Suitable for
commercial use

The gangkofner edition is suitable for commercial use.
mawa’s in-house, digitally controlled production, allows
numerous configurations in all conceivable dimensions.
Please feel free to contact us.

Aloys F. Gangkofner Edition - just as you wish

Configure the desired glass lamp in four steps and order it with
your individual article number from our dealer near you.

1. Choose light
  • bergamo
  • bologna
  • granada
  • pisa
  • venezia
  • vesuvio
2. Choose color
  • white matt
  • clear
  • smoked
  • gradient chrome
  • gradient rosé gold
  • gold semi transparent
  • rosé gold semi transparent
  • clear
  • chrome
  • white matt
  • clear
  • smoked
  • clear
  • white matt / gradient rosé gold
  • smoked
  • smoked / gradient chrome
  • white matt
  • black matt
  • white
3. Choose pendant
  • black matt
  • black matt / brass brushed 1
  • black matt / brass brushed 2
  • black matt / rosé gold 1
  • black matt / rosé gold 2
  • white matt
  • white matt / brass brushed 1
  • white matt / brass brushed 2
  • white matt / rosé gold 1
  • white matt / rosé gold 2
4. Choose cable color
  • schwarz
  • grau
  • blau
  • weiss
bergamo bologna granada pisa vesuvio venezia
clear white matt black matt smoked gradient chrome smoked / gradient chrome gradient rosé gold white matt / gradient rosé gold gold semi transparent rosé gold semi transparent
black matt black matt / messing gebürstet 1 black matt / messing gebürstet 2 black matt / roségold glänzend 1 black matt / roségold glänzend 2 white matt white matt / messing gebürstet 1 white matt / messing gebürstet 2 white matt / roségold glänzend 1 blawhiteck matt / roségold glänzend 2
gray black blue white
Article number Choose light gk-bo-om gk-gr-om gk-gr-bm gk-ves-go gk-ves-rg gk-ves-cc gk-ves-cr gk-pi-om gk-pi-cc gk-pi-cd gk-ven-cc gk-ven-cd gk-ven-cr gk-ven-rg gk-be-om gk-be-cc gk-be-cd gk-be-cr gk-be-rg -9016 -9016-me1 -9016-me2 -9016-rg1 -9016-rg2 -9005 -9005-me1 -9005-me2 -9005-rg1 -9005-rg2
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